Smarter Stronger Children

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Ed Mayhew



Smarter Stronger Children

Fitter After 50: Forever Changing Our Beliefs About Aging

Fitter for Life: The Secrets of 25 Masters of Fitness
Age Blasters: 3 Steps to a Younger You
Educating Your Star Child

Marathon & Beyond magazine -- free-lance writer

Fitter After 50 newsletter

LIVE Tele-Webcasts - Interviews of the Masters of Fitness

Radio & Television

Interviewed on dozens of radio and television shows including:

·        KBJF, Texas

·        WNTK, New Hampshire

·        KEZW, Denver, CO

·        Virginia Tonight, WVPT -- Television

·        Cable Talk, WINC -- Television -- semi-regular guest

·        Knoxville, TN Ch 3 Newscast -- Television

·        Cleveland, Ohio No.1 morning-drive radio show

·        WCTN -- Close Up Show -- Winchester, VA -- Television

·        WKER, Missouri

·        KWYK, New Mexico

·        Radio Georgia

·        KDOG, Minnesota

·        Better Times Radio Show -- monthly guest
*  Talk of the Town Ch 3 ABC Winchester, VA

·        Dozens more ...

Featured Speaker at:

Two largest Fitness Centers on the East Coast -- Freedom Fitness & Aquatics Center, Manassas, VA (invited back 3 times) and The Health & Wellness Center By Doylestown Hospital (outside Philadephia)

Delta Kappa Gamma Society -- spoke at local, regional, and then invited to speak at the annual state-wide meeting

Life After 40 Expo, Winchester, VA (invited back a 2nd year)

Stonebrook Fitness & Racquet Club

Winchester Public School Convocation (3 years running)

Institute for Higher Healing, Richmond, VA

* Diocesan Education Institute, Arlington , VA

* Public and Private Schools

* Dozens of Civic Organizations and Clubs

What Others Are Saying About Ed Mayhew

"As a long-time elementary School principal, I've seen firsthand what Ed Mayhew's Mega Brain Power Boosters can do. They flat-out work!" J. Vernon Laney, Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction, Winchester City Schools

"Your contributions in educating our student body on the importance of physical activity in brain development were very well received. As a faculty, we would like for you yo return and share more of your techniques to enhance our teaching." Janie Lyman, 4th grade teacher, Sacred Heart Academy

"I think you hit the jackpot! What an excellent interview, and the examples certainly made it interesting. I bet every parent will want to buy this book ... I will tell all my friends with children." Hilde Matheson, counselor, parent & grandparent

"Thank you very much for presenting ... the strategies that you modeled combined academic content with large-muscle movement and are great for use in the classroom." Michele Dempsey, principal, Virginia Avenue Elementary School

"I would highly recommend Mr. Mayhew as a presenter. He shares research information and personal experiences from his [40-year] teaching career that support the relationship between learning and exercise." Rebecca McTavish, principal, Sacred Heart Academy

"I got 5 or 6 compliments on your ... [radio interview] presentation on Laura Val this past week." Kristin Farson, Host of the Better Times radio show

"You have touched all our lives in a special way with ... your inspiring and humorous speeches ..." Shelly Lee, Winchester, Virginia

"This is a great newsletter. Interesting with lots of variety." Nancy Thompson, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Ed Mayhew [will] definitely exercise your laugh muscles with funny anecdotes and an infectious enthusiasm." Randy Bryant, attorney at law

"The overall rating of the program was 5.1 out of 6 and the overall rating of the speaker [Ed Mayhew] was 5.4 out of 6. The program was very well received." Pat Vida, RN, MBA, Executive Director, Fitness & Wellness at The Health & Wellness Center by Doylestown Hospital

"Recently been thinking about retiring from running [competitively]... however, after reading that book [Fitter for Life] I'm all inspired about keeping on with running." Age-Group World Champion ultra-marathon runner Helen Klein, 81. Went on to run Lake Tahoe Triple (a marathon a day for 3 consecutive days) just shy of her 82nd birthday

"I would love to have you on again ... I will keep you in mind, and definitely plan to have you back soon." Steve Wall, host of "Deep Thoughts" radio show on KEZW, Denver

"I LOVE getting your newsletter!! This was just so inspiring!!! Great stuff!!!!" Susan Duvall, publicity director, The Health & Wellness Center by Doylestown Hospital

"You have been an inspiration. Thank you for all that you have done for the [Winchester Public Schools] wellness program." Superintendent, Dennis Kellison, Winchester Public Schools

"Ed Mayhew is a delightful and entertaining speaker. He made me smile and think at the same time... I would recommend him as a speaker to any organization." Steve M. Gyurisin, Frederick County Rotary Club

" is really an inspiration to read about all those people in the book [Fitter After 50] ... it makes me want to set some high goals." Wallace Rapozo, Masters Biathlete

"All of us were ... inspired by your presentation. Your humor was such a treat ... Yours [talk] was definitely the best of the entire convocation!" Brooke Hill, Guidance & Counseling Department Head

"You rock, Ed! That [Winchester Wellness Monthly Tip] was great...." Julie Luther, Winchester, Virginia

Ed, you are an inspiration to me. Your book and presentation stoked a fire inside. Bottom line: Keep up the good work! You're right on target." Jack Recker, Business Manager

"Your book [Fitter for Life] is excellent! It's interesting, fun to read and full of great information and inspiration, not just for the health 'beginner', but for all of us who have been 'at it' for years as well. Great job!" Marguerite Meyer, 46, American Champion age-group swimmer

"Your book [Fitter After 50] has just the right touch. I have given it to many friends in hope that they will improve their lives." Ken "Ice" Morrison, 65-year-old hockey player

" All these profiles [in Fitter for Life] have one thing in common. They prove that anyone, regardless of their age or circumstances, can become healthier and happier and can slow the aging process by simply becoming more active. It is simply a matter of the right attitude, and with the right attitude, anyone can do it." Laura Val, multi-time World Champion age-group swimmer


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