Smarter Stronger Children

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Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Here are some of the Mega Brain Power Boosters Brain Sprints activities - actually grow new brain cells in the learning and memory part of the brain, and unleash a virtual flood of brain-boosting, body-building molecules that improve health and fitness, and the ability to learn for the following hour or so.  Great for classroom and home!

Addition and Subtraction Facts

Multiplication Facts

Counting By Twos - Supercharged

Supercharger - Walking Option

Supercharger - Skipping Option

Supercharger - Backstroke Option

Supercharger - Elbows Option

Supercharger - Twisting Option

Supercharger - Foot Option

Puppet Variations

Cross-Country Skier


Blastoff Game

The Elevator

Class Action I

Class Action II

Brain Sprints (Brain Power Booster 15)

Mega Brain Power Boosters - Overview

Ed Mayhew, the creator of Smarter Stronger Children’s revolutionary Mega Brain Power Boosters / Muscle-Makers, draws experience from his 40 years as a professional educator (physical education teacher, classroom teacher, consultant, tutor & coach). He is the author of several books on the benefits of physical activity for all ages and is a dynamic seminar and workshop presenter. He is available to give workshops and presentations on how easily you can give your students/children that huge advantage (and make life easier and more fun for you, too). 


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