Smarter Stronger Children

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Instructional Videos

Mega Brain Power Boosters / Brain Sprints
Instructional Videos

Here are some of the Mega Brain Power Boosters Brain Sprints activities - actually grow new brain cells in the learning and memory part of the brain, and unleash a virtual flood of brain-boosting, body-building molecules that improve health and fitness, and the ability to learn for the following hour or so.  Great for classroom and home!

Counting By Twos - Supercharged

Supercharger - Walking Option

Supercharger - Skipping Option

Supercharger - Backstroke Option

Supercharger - Elbows Option

Supercharger - Twisting Option

Supercharger - Foot Option

Puppet Variations

Cross-Country Skier


Blastoff Game

The Elevator

Class Action I

Class Action II

Brain Sprints (Brain Power Booster 15)

Mega Brain Power Boosters - Overview

Ed Mayhew, the creator of Smarter Stronger Children’s revolutionary Mega Brain Power Boosters / Muscle-Makers, draws experience from his 40 years as a professional educator (physical education teacher, classroom teacher, consultant, tutor & coach). He is the author of several books on the benefits of physical activity for all ages and is a dynamic seminar and workshop presenter. He is available to give workshops and presentations on how easily you can give your students/children that huge advantage (and make life easier and more fun for you, too). 


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